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Bladder weakness is a common concern for many men and women and can be caused by various factors such as pregnancy, medical conditions or a weak pelvic floor. Selecting a comfortable and supportive product to manage a weak bladder for you or your loved one can make a significant difference to the quality of life. You can now conveniently and discreetly buy incontinence pads via Access Health’s online system.

Access Health has a wide range of incontinence products to suit both male and female needs and assist with various degrees of incontinence. Our quality incontinence pads and related products are specifically designed to improve comfort and dryness.

Despite bladder weakness being a health issue for all ages, many people find purchasing products from their local store to be an uncomfortable experience. To overcome the experience, many are choosing to buy incontinence pads online. You can buy incontinence products through Access Health’s simple online ordering system, which is a convenient alternative allowing your pads and products to be delivered directly to you.

To buy incontinence pads online, simply fill out the easy form, follow the prompts and await the arrival of your order to your front door. You can also contact Access Health today and speak with one of our friendly consultants for confidential advice or more information.

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Indasec Pant Plus Bag of 12

Price: $26.00


Is an absorbent protective underwear, specifically designed for mobile users with moderate incontinence. 1350ml capacity

Product Code: IN3821861 Medium(80-110cm), IN3821862 Large(100-140cm)



IndasForm Extra bag of 28 Pads

Price: $16.00


Bag of 28 Shaped pad for Heavy Incontinence with bands of Ambiaty extract of Aloe Vera and essential fatty acids of Omega 3 and 6 series. 2000ml capacity

Product Code: IN2834212



IndaSlip Maxi Incontinence Pad Bag of 15

Price: $30.00


Bag of 28 Maximum heavy absorbency,Double elastic sanitary pad with bands of Ambiaty extract of Aloe Vera and essential fatty acids of Omega 3 and 6 series. Tapes around the waist. 1800ml capacity

Product Code: IN2834143



Kylie All in one Unisex washable Underwear

Price: $21.00


Cotton Lycra pants with a sewn in pad. The pad incorporates a waterproof backing, an absorbent inner layer and a stay-dry liner next to the skin. The pad extends beyond the gusset at the front and back. The pants are designed to assist men and women in the management of mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

Product Code: 10002-3838



Kylie Supreme MAC Absorbent bed pad 3500ml

Price: $58.00


The revolutionary fibre construction of this bed pad facilitates rapid fluid penetration, superior absorption and feel-dry performance. durable tuck-in sides

Product Code: 4-9000035-3841



Kylie washable waterproof chair pad

Price: $45.00


Kylie Chair Pads, Washable Absorbant Chair Pads

Product Code: 8356202-3829



Kylie Waterproof Bed Protection Queen Fitted

Price: $29.00


Kylie Waterproof Bed Protection Queen Fitted Mattress Cover 204cm x 153cm x 20cm

Product Code: 4-9000037Q-3828



Indas Stretch Net Pants Bag of 4

Price: $12.00


Stretch Incontinence Net Pants. Keeps ​shaped pads neatly in place. Washable

Product Code: IN2814512



Indasec Maxi 15 Bag of 15

Price: $9.90


Super absorbent with odour neutralisation, providing greater capacity for fluid retention and acting as an odour inhibitor.

Product Code: IN3821796


Indaslip Super 2 Medium 80 - 125cm waist

Indaslip Super 2 Medium 80 – 125cm waist

Price: $30.00


The IndasSlip (elasticated waist) All-In-One diaper range of products offers latex free protection, with an elasticated waistband front and back for maximum comfort and a perfect fit Bag of 28, 1500ml capacity

Product Code: IN2834133B