Adult Incontinence Pads

Incontinence of varying levels is a condition suffered by an estimated one quarter of the Australian population. For some it is a daily battle, for others it is only occasional. Regardless, Access Health provides a wide variety of products available online for all who need a helping hand.

For those who suffer less, or for those with only urinary incontinence, it may be best to buy incontinence pads rather than a complete underwear solution. This allows a user to wear their own underwear, which will maximise daily confidence and comfort as well as provide more discretion.

Pads Available for Purchase Online

We understand that there can be embarrassment and a loss in sense of worth associated with needing to buy incontinence pads. People should not feel embarrassed, as this condition is quite common. However, to minimise any potential emotional stress we provide online ordering to help those who need to buy incontinence pads deal with their condition with confidence and press on the with day.

Euron Micro Super Plus Anatomical Pad Panty Liner

This panty liner can provide effective management of light or stress-related incontinence without the need for using special underwear. The Euron® Cotton Feel™ back sheet ensures comfort, discretion and confidence in everyday situations. Anatomical design and an adhesive strip allow for functional use with most underwear designs and daylong comfort. Available in a carton of 28 inserts.

Euron Flex Super Shaped Pads

Shaped for comfort, a soft acquisition layer encourages the fast passage of liquids to the inner pad and keeps the skin feeling dry, avoiding rashes and discomfort. Anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad. Colour markers represent the amount of soaking throughout use. Available in a carton of 28 pads.

Euron Form All In One Wrap Around Pads

This incontinence pad is suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. Resealable tapes ensure a comfortable, secure fit whilst anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad. These pads are designed for use with the Euron Form outer underwear for added security in day-to-day routines. Pads available in cartons of 14, 56, 84, 112 pads, Euron Form underwear in most sizes.

Buy incontinence pads online here. For any more information on how to buy incontinence pads and address the condition, contact us online or call 1300 65 95 40.

Indas Adult Incontinence Pads are Incontinence Pads for adults who are socially incontinent.

The Indas range of Adult Incontinence Pads is the most complete range of Disposable Incontinence products available, and will meet the needs of all patients with both Urinary incontinence, Faecal and Double Incontinence.

Indas Incontinence Pads for adults are anatomically designed so when correctly selected, prescribed and fitted the Indas incontinence pads for adults will not leak and thus provide the wearer with Social Continence.

Unlike many pads, Indas Adult Incontinence Pads are unique in they carry barrier cream on the surface of the Incontinence Pads for adults which is transferred to the wearer when worn body close and activated by body temperature. The barrier cream in the Indas Adult Incontinence Pads will help avoid Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

Incontinence Pads for Adults from Indas are manufactured from a number of specialist components, most importantly they have a high percentage of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) that absorb the urine into the Adult Incontinence Pads and convert the urine to an inert gel that will not degrade, cause odour or skin excoriation.

Indas Adult Incontinence Pads also contain hypoallergenic perfume that helps the wearer of Incontinence Pads for Adults from carrying the unpleasant odour associated with incontinence.